privacy policy

  • Users: All accounts registered on the Kira app and platform and have access to the Kira reservations app or the Kira Company app
Privacy Policy:
  • constitute the terms of the Privacy Policy, Together with the Terms of Use, our agreement with you, For the services we provide in the Kira application and platform.
  • These terms apply to all services of car rental companies, corporate and individual services provided by the Kira application and platform.
  • When you register in the Kira application and platform, you agree to share your data with the Kira application and platform for the purpose of improving and developing the user experience.
  • Kira application and platform does not share user data with any third party.
  • The user bears full responsibility for keeping their account data on the Kira platform and application securely, and the user bears sole responsibility in the event of a breach of his account as a result of negligence or failure to save the account data.
  • In the case of registering and subscribing to the application, you agree to receive notifications and alerts sent from the Kira application and platform.